How a NGO Can Help to Provide Employment For Poor People


Upliftment of poor people is an uphill task for any government in India. India is shining like anything in the world arena, but still the reality is really bitter, more than 0.8 Billion people are struggling for their ends meet. All schemes which are currently running across the nation are not enough for upliftment of poor people. NREGA is a big failure, and it brings corruption as well, Ministers are taking advantage of NREGA in the upliftment of their own legacy by sucking blood of people who already in adverse situation.

Now, NGO comes into the picture how a NGO can play its parts for upliftment of these people. NGO can bring awareness among these about their rights which are very sadly said that very few people know about their rights and benefits of schemes which are running by Central govt. or State govt.

SHG, Self Help Group is also another way for upliftment of poor people. This group can comprise 10 to 20 people who can have same motto which targeted those problems of that particular village or area, which are neglected or not get properly address by local govt.

NGO becomes these SHG’ voice and raise it so loud till it heard to proper channel or authorities whose are responsible for it. Even in getting loans from local banks for starting small businesses, is also helping by NGO.

Banks won’t help poor people until they are sure about their recovery of loans, in this case NGO make Banks in to the confidence to get credit the poor people.


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