How to Secure an NGO Internship in a Foreign Country


Although any international internship can bring a very rewarding work experience, an internship for an NGO can aid a person with a more specific personal and a global cause in mind. An NGO internship is an excellent opportunity to initiate a career in environmental or developmental industries. The experience one gains is an excellent way to help improve a resume while also aiding an appropriate cause.

NGO internship jobs can vary greatly and have the potential to be in areas such as promotion of new products, promotion of initiatives, international aid work, maintenance of outdoor trails and facilities, and administrative work in the offices of NGO companies. The benefits of this wide variety of work areas is that interning for an international NGO allows employment opportunities in a vast amount of areas. It is therefore very likely that there will be an appropriate NGO internship for the type of work a person is looking for.

Another benefit is that many NGOs focus their work on humanitarian efforts. This global humanitarian focus can give a person an opportunity to combine their work and heart felt cause while interning. The possibilities are again many with NGOs focusing in areas such as community development, international healthcare, youth aid, HIV/AIDS assistance, and gender equality assistance programs. These opportunities allow exceptional individuals the support and infrastructure needed to assist people in need.

An NGO internships is often a position that is able to combine practical experience with intellectual learning. Since the internships are often in developing countries in Asia and Africa, there is learning to be done in many areas. Not only are people able to apply and increase their book smarts, they are able to get hands on experience. The hands on experience comes from doing activities such as building shelters, administering medications, farming, and water resource work. The international experiences will also naturally give a person an unforgettable cultural experience.

NGO internships are also easy to come across because there is more assistance in getting the positions. As opposed to the difficulties encountered in dealing with complicated foreign governments, NGOs often offer much more support. NGOs are looking for people and so make the application and placement process easier on the individual. They often have sections of their companies specifically set up to assist incoming interns with all the red tape of visas, work visas, health care plans and accommodations.




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